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Purefresh Organic is Fresh Direct's own brand of certified organic fruit and vegetables and New Zealand's largest organic wholesale distributor.

With the global market for organic food estimated to soon be worth US$100 billion and annual growth rate of 25% since 2000, the appetite for organic produce shows no signs of slowing down, especially amongst Millennials and Generation Y.

By making a real commitment to actively marketing organic production to the new and coming generations of consumers and producers, we aim to give growers a sustainable return for their produce, and to provide our customers with a distinct competitive edge through variety and continuity of supply.

We supply large NZ and international supermarket chains with locally and globally sourced produce in retail ready prepacks (both home brands and supplier labels), as well as independent retailers and the hospitality sector.

Purefresh Organic is certified by IFOAM's BioGro, NZ's leading organic certifying agency.